Friday, April 03, 2009

bhutan to resume Philatelic CD-ROM series : Bhutan Resumes World's First Philatelic CD-ROM Series

I have to give Bhutan credit for the most innovative postal issues! Whether they are needed or not is another issue, so to speak.
I just ran into one of their earlier sets printed on steel. Brought back nice memories of collecting days past.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Worn Out Wednesday

Ever have one of those days you just cannot get any energy flowing? This one of those days. Took some time this morning to slowly wake up then went and rearranged some of the office to make room for some new stock. Packed and mailed yesterdays sales then forced myself to scan and identify some items.I was working on posting some new stamp purchases onto Ebay when my service provider bit the dust. That is the last straw for functionality today.

The tamale pie I mentioned last night turned out great! Give Roses's recipe a try.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Quick and Easy dinner

Life gets too busy to blog regularly for me- I get pulled into so many other interesting things! Had the grandson over today and introduced him to Lego Star Wars on the IMAC - what a ball we had. Amazing how fast a 4 year old picks up games like this.

Now that he is gone dinner calls and I think I will try a Tamale Pie from Rose's Recipes. Looks very good and I like that the spices do not depend on a bag of Taco Seasoning! While Tamale Pie is definitely not Mexican in origin, I threw in a set of airmail stamps from Mexico ( C82-4) I recently posted on Ebay.

Despite it's American origins, there is a little bit of the Tamale there so we can pretend!


Saturday, March 07, 2009

A.C Roessler 1936 Texas Centennial Cover

I was looking through some covers based on a request for some Texas related material and ran across a first day cover and cachet by A.C. Roessler.

The cover is Planty 776-56 with purple ink and is priced at $80.00. Nice find and a fun cachet.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Lazy Friday

It has been a lazy Friday. My wife decided to watch the grandson which usually means I play some with him on the computer and watch some Transformer shows. Slows down the process of posting stamps on Ebay or my website. I do have to admit, it is worth every minute!

A couple of the itms I did get posted:

The Army-Navy US issues 785-94 of 1936-7. These are not expensive stamps for make a very nice page display in a collection.

Robert Hunter - Stamps and Covers

Time for some more play with the Grandson and then off to cook dinner.